License agreement
By purchasing this product you have agreed to the following terms below.

Allowed use of product:

When buying music from SMH Music you are free to use it as you wish (apart from what is stated below). Examples (though not limited to): Background music in a commercial, theme music in a TV show, music for a game or app.

Not allowed useage of product:

1. Sell the product. The product is only to be used by the buyer, and can not be sold in any form.

2. Stating that someone else than SMH Music are the creators. We do not have to be stated as the creators, but it is not allowed to state something/someone else is.

3. Alter the music. The music is only allowed to be used as it is when bought, and can not be altered in any way (eg. remixed, adding vocals, sampled etc). It can be edited for length, and does not have to be used in it’s entirety, and a part of the song can be cut out to be used.

4. In association with illegal activities. Laws differ in different countries, and so the music can not be associated with actions/activities that are illegal in the country it is used in/for.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

If the agreement is broken
If the license demands stated above are not followed SMH Music has the right to take necessary precautions to stop the product from being misused.